sAlarm 0.5
Todo List

Member Scheduler::addSchedule (Schedule *s)

It's not implemented yet

It's neccessary to edit Schedule class and adapt it

Member Scheduler::checkSchedules ()
Muze byt const? + ktere dalsi mohou

Member Scheduler::generateXmlToFile (QFile *file)
It's necessary to escape variables with Qt::escape - it's not working -> Why?

Member Scheduler::refreshSchedules ()
dodelat ikonu u upominek

Member SchedulerModel::flags (const QModelIndex &index) const
upravit return!

Member XmlHandler::endElement (const QString &namespaceURI, const QString &localName, const QString &qName)

Zde dodelat - pokud uz kategorie s danym JMENEM existuje - uz ji nepridavat

To same s pridavanim upominek - pokud uz nekde existuje identicka upominka, nepridavat ji

Member XmlHandler::startElement (const QString &namespaceURI, const QString &localName, const QString &qName, const QXmlAttributes &atts)
delete m_currentText globally
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